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EEID 2022 FAQs


Where should I stay? 

We encourage students to stay in the Emory dorms, which will be provided free of charge. Other conference attendees are welcome to stay in the dorms as wellbut we have also listed a number of other lodging options that attendees can choose from. The hotels listed will have reserved room blocks.  Please see TRAVEL PAGE for details.

Which meals are covered?

For the Workshop, all breakfast and lunches are provided.  For the Conference, all breakfast and lunches as well as Monday night appetizers at the Registration and Networking event and Wednesday night dinner at the Banquet. 


Which workshop(s) can I attend?

The ‘Pandemic Scenario Modeling and Science Communication’ workshop is designed to be useful for trainees. We encourage masters and doctoral students as well as post-docs who are learning to incorporate modeling into their work to apply.


If I apply to a workshop do I also have to register for the conference?

Yes, all conference participants must register for the conference, regardless of participation in workshops.



Will EEID be in person or virtual?

Currently EEID 2022 is planned to be in-person, with a virtual option for attendees who cannot attend in person. However, this is subject to change based on the current COVID-19 situation.  (Emory COVID-19 Protocols


What COVID-19 precautions is EEID 2022 taking?

Participant safety is our highest priority. Currently, we plan that vaccination and masking will be required for all in-person attendees. We will be monitoring the COVID situation and releasing additional guidelines. At a minimum, we will be following Emory University guidelines and COVID precautions because the event will be held on campus (Emory COVID-19 Protocols). At this time, we will require all attendees to be vaccinated, boosted and to submit written proof when registering.  We also anticipate attendees to wear masks.  However, the organizers may recommend stricter precautions based on current trends prior to the conference.


When should I buy a ticket?

We will aim to make a final decision on whether EEID 2022 will be held in person by early May 2022.  Please check the EEID website or our twitter page for additional updates as the conference gets closer.


Can I submit multiple abstracts?

Participants can only submit one first-author abstract, but can be co-authors on additional abstracts by other first authors.

Is there a cost for submitting an abstract?

No.  Submission is free.  


How soon will I hear if my abstract was accepted?

On or before April 15, 2022.


Do you offer child-care services for conference attendees?

We are currently working to provide child-care and lactation services and will provide an update soon. 


Where is the hike going to be?

We will be offering three hikes for participants to choose from around the Atlanta area.  Attendees will sign up when they register. 

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