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Pandemic Scenario Modeling and Science Communication Workshop

JUNE 3 - 6, 2022

The Hatchery - Center for Innovation
1578 Avenue Place, Suite 200, Atlanta, Georgia 30329


Students and early-career postdocs will participate in a 2.5 day workshop focused on acquiring skills that disease ecologists and epidemiologists will need to respond to the next global pandemic. Specifically, students will learn how to work with disease forecasting models, and model different scenarios for an outbreak of a new pandemic. They will then split into two sub-groups: one focused on the impacts of socio-economics and human land use, and another focused on using human mobility data to understand and inform outbreak response. Concurrently, all participants will learn communication skills in order to better communicate their science with policy makers and the public. 

Workshop Leaders

eeid - website - karen lips 4.jpeg

Karen Lips


Professor, Biology

University of Maryland

Lab Website

EEID - Maryn Mckenna.jpeg

Maryn McKenna


Journalist, Author and Senior Fellow

of the Center for the Study

of Human Health,

Emory University



Sam Whitehead



Georgia and elsewhere in the south

Kaiser Health News' Southern Bureau


Website - de Roode.jpg

Jacobus de Roode

Samuel C. Dobbs Professor,

Biology Department

Director, Infectious Disease

Across Scales Training Program

Co-Director, MP3 Initiative
Emory University

Lab Website

EEID - Calistus Ngonghala.jpeg

Calistus Ngonghala


Assistant Professor,

Mathematical Biology
University of Florida


EEID - Sam Scarpino.png

Sam Scarpino

Managing Director,

Rockefeller Foundation


EEID - Noam Ross.png

Noam Ross


Principal Scientist,

EcoHealth Alliance

Lab Website



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