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Welcome to Atlanta

Atlanta is often referred to as the heart of the South or the city in the forrest. Surrounded by vibrant green spaces and a storied past, Atlanta has much to offer visitors and scholars alike. Home to many major research centers, including the CDC, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University and of course Emory, Atlanta has a proven track record for fostering interdisciplinary and innovative research that this year's EEID conference will surely benefit from.

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Public Health Capital of the World

Atlanta is home to multiple world leading infectious disease and public health organizations, many of which are part of  a collaborative Emory University network of researchers. Recommended site visit locations include:


Cradle of Human Rights 

The social justice movement has deep roots in Atlanta. Known as the “cradle of civil rights” between 1940-1970, Atlanta became a home base from which leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dorothy Lee Bolden, John Lewis, and Ella Josephine Baker organized the civil rights movement. This history is kept alive in present-day Atlanta, where numerous social organizations are headquartered and work to improve the lives of minoritized people. Some sites to visit in Atlanta to learn more:

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